What a hell of a year 2012

This is a brief review of my favorite celebrity pics for 2012


Joseline Hernandez had a very fulfilling year for 2012. I would rate her as a 9.5 for all the drama she had in her life and those wonderful nude pics. Thank you Joseline for getting up with ya boy on twitter honey, much love.

CoCo Austin also had a break out year in my book. I’d give her an easy 9.0 for her reality show and of course all those got damn pussy pics. I have to start following you on twitter honey. Biggups to Ice T for being so supportive on the show. I saw another side to the Ice man this year.


Melanie Brown aka Mel B also had a great year proving that you can still be sexy and have men drool over you no matter hold old you get as long as you keep your body and boobs in great shape.



Joseline Hernandez still makes heads turn


Hey Joseline Im just saying sweet heart… I really don’t think no body gives a crap about your singing career OK. We just wanna see your naked ass LOL


Fresh 2 Death: Why should women follow Paparazzi Pj’s fashion blogs for fashion trends?


Those celebrities you see sitting in the front row near the catwalk during fashion shows are often there because they to have read Paparazzi Pj’s fashion blog to see what celebrities he’s posted something about. Paparazzi Pj is one of the hardest working celebrity dirt bloggers this side of the East Coast and he is always working hard around the clock to make sure that he has the juiciest information regarding what celebrity is doing what, what celebrity wore what and who didn’t wear what. Now you have that same opportunity to follow Pj and stay in the celebrity fashion loop too. Especially you ladies that wanna stay Fresh 2 Death.

What celebrities are possibly following Paparazzi Pj’s Fresh 2 Death:

Jennifer Aniston Beyoncé Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Pippa Middleton Angelina Jolie Kardashian Sisters – Khloe Kardashian and Kim Kardashian Lady Gaga Jennifer Lopez Nicki Minaj Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Rihanna












Selena Gomez Nude Photo Leaked Uncensored And Guess Who’s Mad As Hell

Selena has some cute little Ta Ta’s

You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry LMFAO!!!
Who gives a fuck about an angry J.B.

Oh don’t be mad Justin, she’s a celebrity. Besides when you date another celebrity you have to share them with the world baby boy. Hey, the next time you date… Pick a nobody OK.