I love it when stars do shit like this

The heated spiraling online, in public love affair between Rihanna and Chris Brown is always more juicier in pictures than by words so let me just shut the fuck up and let the pictures do the talking, lol.



Bottom line is this is one crazy couple, and Rihanna is one crazy bad ass bytch having a stellar year in music!

What a hell of a year 2012

This is a brief review of my favorite celebrity pics for 2012


Joseline Hernandez had a very fulfilling year for 2012. I would rate her as a 9.5 for all the drama she had in her life and those wonderful nude pics. Thank you Joseline for getting up with ya boy on twitter honey, much love.

CoCo Austin also had a break out year in my book. I’d give her an easy 9.0 for her reality show and of course all those got damn pussy pics. I have to start following you on twitter honey. Biggups to Ice T for being so supportive on the show. I saw another side to the Ice man this year.


Melanie Brown aka Mel B also had a great year proving that you can still be sexy and have men drool over you no matter hold old you get as long as you keep your body and boobs in great shape.



Which celebrity does this look like?

After viewing this picture I was up in the air with my decision so I’m asking you for your help. Who do you think this is?

With the cap pulled so far down over her head I have no idea, but my guess is Alicia keys. But I think Alicia isn’t quite that tone across the shoulders, what do you think?

Kate Upton needs an uplifting

Kate Upton has made the world fall head over heels with her shocking beauty but I’m not sure if she realizes that her boobies aren’t as perky as her competitions is. Hey Kate it ain’t to late for an over haul lol. Or maybe it’s just me but I could have sworn a few years ago these boobies were much more fuller. So Kate I suggest you do something about this boob trickery. But all in all we still love you and your fantastic boobies Kate. Keep up the good work, you’ve been leaked!


Celebrities that are famous… For what?

In this article I am focusing on a certain breed of celebrity. I would like to know what you think about these celebrities. I would like to know what you believe to be the key to there success to remain in the public eye. Why in the hell are these celebrities famous? Why do we gravitate to the articles posted about some of these absolutely non talented celebrities and how or would you want to trade places with any of these celebrities, and for what reasons? First I have to talk about the most talked about celebrity couple Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. How did this couple become the most talked about couple on television and what are your feelings towards both Stevie J and Joseline?

        Ladies how do you feel about the way Joseline went about gaining her so called fame & fortune? Would you consider Joseline to be a home wrecker or is it just the fact that Stevie J is dirt spelled with a capitol “D”

Now on to one of my favorites Miss Hot in the ass Kim Kardashian… I personally believe that every male celebrity that has had the pleasure of knocking this self absorbed cunt should get an AIDS check up atleast every other month for the simple fact that her pussy is literally on fire! Ok, now truth be told I have honestly lost count of how many dudes this tramp has publicly slept with but to stay on course with the article how does this skank stay in the tabloids including all of mines from “Who’s Got Dirt 2” to “The Charm City Post”

   Kim Kardashian quick trim


Now Britney Spears is definitely no stranger to being followed by the paparazzi and questioned by everyone from reporters to shrinks but now with her newest venture into being a judgeshe’s probably our most naturally gifted celebrity that has found a way to stay in the eye’s of the media…

        In all fairness to Britney I believe that the biggest question will be… “Ooops, will she do it again” (NO PANTIES IN PUBLIC) LMFAO!!! Hey Britney, please don’t disappoint your loyal fans be wearing panties honey. That’s probably going to be the main reason allot of us horny dudes will be tuning in to see you on the damn show in the first place!

This is just the begining of a three part series of “Celebrities that are famous…  For what?”

Chris Breezy and Rihanna seemed joined at the hip!

Both Chris Breezy and Rihanna have gotten new tattoo’s around the same time ironicly…  Is it me or does this couple seemed to be joined at the hips, LMAO!!!


Tattoo artist Peter Koskela said Brown brought in the design he wanted. 0911-chris-brown-tattoo-getty

Things between the two stars seem to be better these days. Rihanna gave Brown a hug and kissat the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday and they have collaborated on music together this year. Now on the other hand Rihanna has a new tattoo also which is on a more spiritual journey, seen here below…

Rihanna's new tattoo, Sept 9, 2012. Caption reads, "Goddess Isis — Complete woman — Model for future generations — #Grangrandolly — always in and on my heart#1love."

“His tattoo is a sugar skull (associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead) and a MAC cosmetics design he saw,” Brown’s rep told TMZ. “It is not Rihanna or an abused woman as erroneously reported.”