FYI Keeping a happy home?

An unhappy woman is more likely to cheat. Unlike men we tend to cheat when the opportunity presents itself. If you detect your woman is cheating on you there may in fact be some tell tale signs that you might be missing at home. Below I’ve listed a few. Gentlemen I’m far from perfect and i definitely ain’t no relationship specialist. I just found some information that i felt may be useful to somebody. So please read this post and take notes if you like.

If your woman’s face resembles this one all the time you should wake up and re asses your living situation immediately!

Infidelity is like an epidemic that has infected many committed men and women across the country. Almost everybody you know has probably cheated on his or her spouse or partner at least once while in a relationship. Cheating, I believe, is now as common as hay fever in springtime.

Traditionally, unfaithfulness is more commonly committed by men. Nowadays, however, many girlfriends and wives are also having illicit relationships.

If you want to ascertain if your partner is philandering with another man, you must be very observant and sensitive to the things that are happening around you. Here are the telltale signs that will help you determine if your girlfriend is seeing another person:

Sudden preoccupation with appearance

The first sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you is her sudden preoccupation with how she looks or smells. Pay attention to the word sudden because women really love to dress up and beautify themselves once in a while. However, be wary if she completely changed her hairstyle, perfume, nail polish and style of clothing, such as from conservative to more provocative, most especially if you were not the one who suggested the changes.

Reduced intimacy

Women usually equate intimacy with their emotional relation with a person. Thus, if your girlfriend seems to abhor kissing you or even holding your hand in public, chances are she is starting to develop an emotional relation with another man.

Most commonly, women wear sexy clothes and lingerie to make their partner notice them more. However, there is a big probability that your girlfriend is cheating on you if she wears shape fitting dresses and inviting lingerie but doesn’t want to make love with you.

Increased overtime and girl’s night out

Many women need to work hard to be on top. Thus, it is natural for them to sometimes spend extra time working for a project or a report. However, if she works overtime almost everyday, even on Sundays, you must be alarmed.

The best way to ensure that she is really working in the office even in the wee hours of the night is to drop by her office unexpectedly. You can probably bring her coffee or dinner as an excuse. Thus, if she is indeed working very hard, she will appreciate the gesture that you made by bringing her food. On the other hand, this is also a good way to know if she is really in the office and not somewhere else.

Instead of overtime, some women use their friends as their excuse. If your girlfriend seems to spend most of her time with her friends on vacations and overnight trips, you must be wary. Remember that although women love to regularly hang out with friends, they will still allocate time for their boyfriends.

Increase use of phone and Internet

Watch how your girlfriend reacts to calls and messages. If she tries to conceal some calls and erases her messages, then there might be something fishy going on. If she is really trying hard to conceal conversations or doesn’t want you to use her mobile phone, then she maybe hiding something from you.

A poll on Internet Use and Abuse by Greenfield and Rivet showed that 57% of men and women use the Internet to flirt. Thus, you should also monitor your girlfriend’s chatting and Internet activities.

If you noticed that your girlfriend is displaying at least two of the four signs that have been mentioned, then it is time for you to gather clues and more proof. Never confront your girlfriend about infidelity unless you are extremely sure about it.

Also, this is probably a good time to reflect on your relationship. Have you been a good boyfriend? Do you still go out of your way to make her happy? Are you sensitive to her needs and emotions? Assess your relationship and your feelings for her. If you want to pursue the relationship to a higher level, then maybe you need to find ways to rekindle the fire in your relationship.

Battle Of The Sexes

Who do you believe would make more money on a busy friday night, a male stripper or a female stripper? Pj Vick is accepting all comments on this topic so feel free to post your comments below.


Neyo takes on new role on Ru Paul’s reality TV Show

Neyo has proven himself to be a talented actor starring in a slew of films with his latest being Spike Lee’s Red Tails but his newest work as a drag queen on Ru Pauls reality tv show allows this grammy wining singer to take this role head on and grip it by the weave. Siskel and Ebert give his character portrayal 5 stars stating This just might be his best work to date. Neyo was a natural and his acting was far more than convincing. I have yet to see the pilot for this show but I’m certain Neyo nailed his co-stars in the butt with his kick ass performance. Its rumored all proceeds will be donated to his cause so for all those brothers that support Neyo go to the website

Neyo enters Ru Paul's drag race

Neyo enters Ru Paul’s drag race

Half Time In Denver 21-21

The Ravens refuse to die!

The Ravens refuse to die!

Baltimore Ravens have come to play and I actually believe that they think they can win this ball game today. T. Smith has been the missing link right now catching two touch down passes. Although Peyton is picking his shots the Ravens have refused to take this laying down. The Ravens led by Joe Flacco are composed to play big time football with the score tied at 21-21 half time. I will be giving you the final report at the end of this slobber knocker of a football game being played in Denver. Hopefully my Ravens have what it takes to pull off the upset and keep Ray Lewis in the hunt for his second Super Bowl title and final stretch of games leading to his retirement at the end of this season.

Alicia Keys top rated MILF

Alicia Keys has been blessed with more hips, tits and ass since giving birth to her child. I bet you didn’t. Know that Alicia Keys nude post still ranks as our top viewed post today. With close to 2,000 hits its easy to see why she’s been voted as You’ve Been Leaked number 1 MILF bringing in more views than both Rihanna and Beyonce.

This definately one mother that has benifited from child birth

This definately one mother that has benifited from child birth

Django recieved rave reviews

Django received rave reviews in the box office but my question to you is do you feel that they got carried away with the ussage of the word NIGGA? How do you rate Jamie Fox’s performance in this movie and how does this rank in the black western genre? I give it a 9.0 because I feel the movie held my attention from start to finish and the story line was magnificently written.

Do you think they got carried away with the word nigga?

Do you think they got carried away with the word nigga?