Can Pac Man pull off the upset?

Manny Pacquiao is still targeting a bout with undefeated welterweight star Floyd Mayweather Jr, but the decision lies firmly with the American – according to Pacquiao’s advisor Michael Koncz.

Koncz recently confirmed that ‘Pac Man’ will return to the ring in Macau on November 24, and while Mayweather Jr defends his WBC welterweight title against Robert Guerrero on May 5, the Filipino’s advisor remains open to a potential clash between the two.

Negotiations have taken place over the years to create what would be one of boxing’s most lucrative fights, with the main stumbling block being Mayweather Jr’s request for Pacquiao to agree to Olympic-style random drug tests leading up to the fight.

However, Koncz revealed that 34-year-old Pacquiao would agree to any form of testing required, as long as ‘Money’ committed to do the same.

I’ve watched the fights very closely and I am unsure if Pac Man has what it takes to upset a revitalized Mayweather. Floyd looked very sharp in this fight but his competition was about three steps beneath him. Pac Man was good in his lost all the way up till he face planted after bruising Marquez fist, lol. Anyway I know for sure it will be a big payday for both fighters and a match on lookers have been waiting for a long time.

So with all the circus acts behind both of these amazing athletes… Lets get ready to rumble!!!

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