It’s his perogitive


Now ain’t this just some straight up b******* y’all, when his wifes final who rah of a movie is about to premere old boy decides to re enter the social celebrity news scene. That’s right Bobby Brown is going back in to rehab. Now I aint mad at old boy but god damn yo why now. I’m just saying like you had all this time to re enter rehab but now all of a sudden when your wife is about to release her last movie you decide to make the news. Yo dats just f****** unbelievable you dig. I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I smell a little bit of hater-aide brewing don’t you. It seems to me that he said and her dad she outshines Bobby and he can’t stand it. So my advice to you mister brown get the f*** over it man. You need to be working on more important stuff like your relationship with your daughter. So in conclusion hey bobby it’s your prerogative and you can do what the f*** you want to do so do the right thing… Kiss a little bit of Bobbi Kristina’s ass and make up with your daughter. “It’s my prerogative… Bobby Brown can do what he wants to dooooo!!!”

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