Woody Harrelson fan Unfavorited


I used to be a huge Woody Harrelson fan. I’ve seen almost all of his films and agree with many of his views on politics and culture. So it is with great sadness that I must tell the world he is a complete and total asshole. I made this discovery last Friday, during a press junket for his new movie, Rampart (which is pretty good, by the way). The guy setting up the interviews gave me 20 minutes to shoot the shit with Woody. And while I still think he’s a damn good actor, our short interaction left me traumatized and feeling like a piece of meat.

Combine this with the fact that the interview before mine consisted of Reddit-user-submitted questions (aka an “AMA”—Ask Me Anything) during which Woody only wanted to answer questions related to Rampart. This, of course, meant he didn’t take kindly to someone asking him about crashing a prom after party in LA, at which he reportedly took some poor girl’s virginity and—gasp—NEVER CALLED HER AFTERWARD! (More on this later.)

Even if Woody turned out to be the coolest guy on Earth, the interview would’ve been a goddamn train wreck for a number of reasons I will elaborate on later. In the meantime here is how I had imagined an interview with Woody would have gone before I actually had to live through one.


Hey Woody that aint right!!!

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