Wake Up Call… Did you know this?

The glory days of “In The House”

Maia Campbell was arrested July in Santa Monica, California on DUI and possession of a crack pipe/cocaine residue.
According to Sandra Rose Maia was arrested on July 5th in Santa Monica, CA after being videotaped in a drug-induced haze. She remains incarcerated on $40,000 bond at the same facility where actress Lindsay Lohan was jailed.
This is her 2nd arrest. It is believed that Maia suffers from bipolar disorder or schizophrenia.



This was actually a wake up call for me, not saying I’m a crack head. Im just saying… This shyt can happen to anyone, it’s not just a poor people thing and these photos saddened me because I can remember watching In The House in the 90’s and saying to myself damn she’s a fine little bytch. I wouldn’t mind hitting dat, but not ryt now Maia, not ryt now shuga.



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