The Rumor Mill Spills Celebrity Dirt

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 Estelle done took some steps to make her some real paper.  This BRILLIANT chic done hooked up with designer Jonathan Kelsey and created a new luxury overnight bag…The Belvie. 


Ciara’s CD Release party was right here in the ATL the other night and errrybody who was anybody (in the south that is) was in the place to be.  I even spotted a “Housewife” or two. Hey Ciara I don’t care how good or bad you sing, as long as you wear those tight ass outfits and do that thing you do when you damn near Matrix on stage. SRH


Say it ain’t so…Kelis done filed for divorce from NAS!!  According to my sources, Kelis filed for divorce in LA Superior Court citing irreconcilable differences.


She is seeking spousal support as well as child support for their unborn child.

I guess her milkshake ain’t bringin’ the boys to the yard like it use to. 

Image Image

Rumor has it that LisaRaye was the one who started the rumor about her and Ginuwine creeping.  According to my sources, Ginuwine was so pissed off when he found out that he did a remix of the Keri Hilson song, “You Turning Me Off” and “allegedly” aimed it at LisaRaye. 


Kerri Hilson gets practically
nude in the video of “The way
you love me”. This isn’t the clip from that video but I thought it was a hot ass pic to post.

So what do you do when your last album didn’t live up to industry expectations. You do what Keri Hilson has done with her new single “The way You love me” off her upcoming second album  and switch to sex to sell your music.

The song:
Don’t let the title of the song fool you; this is not a love song or  a ballad. Its an up-tempo track about sex that is neither subtle or poetic about it. In fact I’m surprised they went with such a tame title considering the lyrical content being so crude and the obvious desire to shock with this release. 

I think Ginuwine is really feelin’ himself.  I just refuse to believe that LisaRaye…the ex-wife of a REAL millionaire and a HOOD icon, had to resort to creating a fake relationship with an S-Curl having, pop locking, TWO hit wonder.  I’m just sayin’…LisaRaye could have created an imaginary relationship with so many OTHER folks besides Ginuwine.


Poor Ashanti, she took a hiatus at the peak of her career, dropped a WHACK AZZ CD, her man (Nelly) has made no attempt to marry her and now she is scrounging for jobs on Broadway.  Rumor has it that she will be starring in “The Wiz” on Broadway this summer. Yaay, I hope she don’t wear no damn panties on that stage neither.


Talk about “scratch n’ surviving.”  That girl is a HUSTLER!!  She’s a modern day Thelma Evans.  Personally, I think her talent is in her hustle because once you get past the fact that she can’t sing, dance, dress or act, it would be safe to say that she is a negative triple threat. ROFLMAO!!!


Kimora Lee had a baby shower of which her guests included Stevie Wonder and his wife Kai, Rodney and Holly Robinson-Peete and her ex-hubby, Russell Simmons.  Congrats Kimora Lee Simmons.

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