Kings of Celebrity Dirt has been setting flames to the internet world with the following blogs under our belt… @following pj, @whosgotdirt2, Postedbypj and Blogging is just like riding a bicycle, once you learn to do it you’ll never forget. We have been blogging so long Moses asked us to help him re-right the 10 commandments. Roflmfao!!!


We blog for the love of blogging. And although I am a journalist, I believe that it’s safe to let you know that I take my blogging very seriously.


I (Patrick Whosgotdirt Vick) have written 2 novels, both while serving 18 month sentences in prison. Now I have taken my passion for writing and sharing to a new level.


Being a scorpio I desire the appeal of sexiness. Everything about sexy and sexiness is what I enjoy blogging and writing about. Although most of my blogs have to deal with the absence of clothing on celebrities and those celebs that always find a way to be seen in public without clothing or lack there of clothing . Your boy (Patrick Whosgotdirt Vick) has found a way to dig deeper then the nasty ass sewage system in Baltimore for the nastiest celebrity dirt on the internet.





We have proven numerous times that we can hold my own against the best of them. Just give us a chance and you will see exactly what the Kings of Celebrity Dirt can do.

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