Kanye West, The Bermuda Triangle effect

Ladies love Yeezy although he’s rather obnoxious. To me he’s just doing him. When your super producer like Kanye West you basically can pay somebody to fuck in a bitch you want to. Yo fellas you ever wished you had his kinda money? I I know me I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. So biggups to Yeezy, be sure to pass your old whores on over to Paparazzi Pj. By the time you’re finished with them it’ll be easy pickings for me.

Below of shared a few of  Kanye’s conquest. Including come on girlfriend Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose.

Amber Rose is another 1 of my favorite celebrities that I like to be blog about. This woman is healthy as a mother fucker and I know that there are several fella’s and ladies that we’ll agree with me on this 1.

Although I I hate admitting it Kimmy is a beautiful woman and they do you make a very very attractive couple. Lets check out a few more of Kanye’s women.

The next article that we do on Yeezy  will discover it all off this mastermind of music creative talent.

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