Tops an Bottoms


time to lift them up baby

When Melanie Brown hits the beach she really hit the beach. But sometimes when melanie takes off her top it just doesn’t look that good. Hey Mel B. you think it might be time for an up lifting. Cause you sagging “B”

But on the other hand this woman right here…


is that pubic hair

Halle Berry can’t seem to keep her legs close, and believe you me we are loving every minute of it Miss Berry. You keep on doing you baby I’m lovin it just like Mcdonald’s.

We try to bring you the sexiest of the sexy here, and if this woman right here isn’t sexy then shoot me in the head.


the money shot

From the show love and hip hop atlanta Josaline Hernandez is turning heads everywhere. Although I cannot stand some of her antics I love her body and you will too.

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